Bangladesh: The End of the Enclaves

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On July 31st 2015 the enclaves that formed one of the world's most complicated borders were officially absorbed in to the countries that surrounded them in a land-mark land swap between India and Bangladesh. The people that lived in them will finally receive citizenship.

Enclaves are small pockets of sovereign land completely surrounded by another sovereign nation. Approximately 160 enclaves, known as chitmahals, exist on either side of the India-Bangladesh border. For 68 years the 50,000 plus inhabitants of these enclaves have lived a difficult existence, stranded from their home nation and ignored by the country that surrounds them.

In theory even leaving their enclaves is illegally crossing an international border and for decades it has been very difficult for them to receive even the most basic of rights whether education or health. Even the police have no jurisdiction in the enclaves leaving them essentially lawless.
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