Cambodia: Back from the Brink - The Siamese Crocodile

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The 21st century started well for the Siamese Crocodile. In 2000 after being declared extinct in the wild they were 're-discovered' in the remote Cardamon Region of Cambodia. Then in June 2010 a nest of eggs was found by a team run by Fauna and Floras International (FFI), a British NGO, one of the world's oldest. 15 eggs were taken to safety and 10 successfully hatched in a 'fake' nest guarded by FFI staff. .Since that 2000 discovery much work has been done to find and research this critically endangered reptile. It is now believed that around 250 Siamese Crocodile are alive in the wild, the majority of which are in the Cardamon Mountains, down from tens of thousands before man started hunting them and encroaching on their habitat. .After successfully doing DNA tests to find 'pure blood' Siamese Crocs rather than those who have been cross-bred they plan to work with a breeding centre that will lead to the crocodiles being released back in to the wild.
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