Cambodia: The Mystery of the Jar People

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Around 600 years ago people lived in the vast and remote Cardamon forests of southwest Cambodia who placed the bones of their dead in large ceramic jars and wooden coffins and hid them on steep cliff ledges. Dotted amongst the 20,000km2 expanse of jungle are many such sites all occupying their own remote stone outcrops. There is no written evidence or documentation of such people, only these remains.

Since 2003 Dr Nancy Beaven, an American specialist in radio-carbon dating and Senior Research Fellow at New Zealand’s University of Otago has made it her mission to find out who these people were and why they used such a unique burial practice.

In January 2012 Dr Nancy Beaven and a team of experts spent a week at one of the most distant and largest of any of the sites to make a detailed survey of the forty four jars and five wooden coffins.
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