Thailand: Kuomingtang and Tea

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A tiny place, up in the remote hills of Chiang Rai province, where the language of the majority was mandarin Chinese. This is Mae Salong. A place where the old Generals and Lieutenants of several Kuomintang regiments still live, having fled there from Yunnan Province in China many decades ago. In exchange for putting down their weapons they were allowed to stay and instead of fighting they used their knowledge of tea to begin Thailand's best tea plantations, for Yunnan Province, where the majority were from, is home to some of the best tea in China.

This is how a thriving tea industry began in those remote hills at a place called Mae Salong, a tiny one street town nestled along a thin ridge a stones throw from the Burmese border. Below the town are the plantations carefully tended to by the local Akha hill tribe people who come from the surrounding valleys.
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