Thailand: Night Fishing Trawlers

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Whilst most people on land sleep the waters of the Gulf of Thailand are teaming with life. Welcome to the life of Thailand's night fishermen. As the sun sets boats in their thousands leave the shores to trawl the dark waters returning as dawn breaks. Estimates say that Thailand has over 70,000 fishing vessels.

But now after years of unrestricted freedom the waters are gradually yielding less of a bounty. When in previous years captains have boasted of 10,000kg catches this year they are lucky to bring home 3000kg and with the price of oil showing no sign of decreasing a good profit is now hard to come by and they must travel further and deeper to make up the quota.

Many marine ecologists think that the biggest single threat to marine ecosystems today is overfishing. Our appetite for fish is exceeding the oceans’ ecological limits with devastating impacts on marine ecosystems. Scientists are warning that overfishing results in profound changes in our oceans, perhaps changing them forever.
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