Thailand: The Story of Kong Sai Pattana

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Since 2008, Klong Sai Pattana community in Surat Thani Province, Souther Thailand, of around 70 families have been embroiled in a conflict with a palm oil company that locals allege has been trying to violently evict them. Since 2010, four members of the community have been shot dead and a fifth shot, but survived.
For decades the palm oil company Jiew Kang Jue Pattana Co., Ltd has illegally occupied and cultivated palm oil trees on a 535-acre plot of land in the Chai Buri District of Surat Thani Province. The company operated with no official legal documentation or land concession, until the Southern Peasant's Federation of Thailand (SPFT), who supports the community, began investigating them and collecting evidence. This evidence ultimately lead to a Supreme Court ruling against the company for illegal trespassing and land encroachment. But the community still struggles to remain on the land to this day with the last shooting happening in April 2016, years after the court case was won.
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